Monday, January 7, 2013

Sea Salt Soaps

Sea Salt soaps are different than regular soaps.  They include a healthy portion of sea salts right in with the soap.  It's almost 50% salt and 50% soap.  It's kind of like showering with bath salts!  Sea salts are healthy for your skin.  It is said they add moisture, draw away toxins and exfoliate your skin.  You will be smooth and refreshed after using a salt bar.

Sea salt bars are made differently than regular soaps.  Since salts inhibit lather, these bars are formulated with a high percentage of coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a staple of almost all handmade soaps.  Coconut oil is the oil that adds the fluffy lather to soaps.   Coconut oil soap will even lather even in sea water.  Since coconut oil cleans so well, that it can be a little drying if used at a high rate.  To counteract the possible drying, these soaps also have a very high percentage of Shea Butter, much higher than any other bar I make.  Also, these bars are superfatted at a higher rate.  This means that there is more free coconut oil and shea butter that has not been turned into soap.  These free oils act as moisturizers to your skin.  

I think my favorite part of our salt bars is that we use mineral rich salts left over from Ancient Lake Bonneville!  Our Great Salt Lake, similar to the Dead Sea in Isreal, is also an inbound sea.  It was formed at the end of the ice age when the waters of Ancient Lake Bonneville began to recede.  This massive prehistoric sea covered 2/3 of Utah, and was 1000 feet deep where our salt flats are now.  As it receded  it left us mineral rich salts to enjoy!

A sea salt bar is a very hard bar.  It will last longer than other soaps.  The bumpy texture our salt bars have is from the medium crystals we use.  The bars will seem a bit crumbly with the first use, but will smooth out.  The bar is not scratchy to use.  Salt bars get smooth with use.  I love to use my salt bars with a nylon mesh pouf to get maximum bubbles.  The bubbles are creamy and luxurious.  But my husband prefers to use his straight off the bar with no pouf.  Either way it does lather and will smooth and refresh your skin.  I recommend using a salt bar about once a week to refresh and exfoliate your skin.  But even with my super sensitive skin, I can use them a few times a week.  I love salt bars!