Friday, May 16, 2014

Frosted Peppermint Glycerin Swirl

There are many ways to design soap and infinite decorating options.  That is part of the never-ending fun of soapmaking!  I always want to try new things. This time I took an old family favorite, our Peppermint Ice soap that I have been making for over a decade, and gave it just a little bit of a new twist.  I made the bar like normal, but this time I mixed some glycerin with some shimmery mica to swirl on the top.   When you mix the mica with glycerin, and leave it on the surface of the soap, something cool happens.  As the soap cures, the glycerin is absorbed into the soap, leaving shimmering mica lined craters and ravines on the soap surface.  It looks really cool.  For this batch, I kept the mica swirl fairly simple.  I used just one color of mica and used only glycerin.  Another time I will do more experimenting with using more colors of mica, and exploring with texture when swirling with both glycerin and oil.

I liked how the swirls in this soap turned out.  The tops are frosted with pearly swirls and divots.  I like how the drop swirl in the base of the bar turned out too.  The flowing swirls of blue and white combine with the shimmering glycerin swirls to make a very pretty bar.  I'm calling this soap Frosted Peppermint.
If you would like to try this bar, they are ready for purchase at Sego Lily Soap.