Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Annual Christmas Drive

Sego Lily Soap
First Annual Christmas Drive

Sego Lily Soap is sponsoring a family who needs some help this Christmas season.   We are donating the proceeds of two of our bestselling Christmas soaps, Winter Dreams and Peppermint Sticks.  The money we make selling these soaps will go to help this family in this time of need.  We are keeping the cost of ingredients only from each bar, and donating the time it takes to make them, and all the profits. 

Peppermint Sticks Soap

This family is a mother with two children.  This family has run into hard times with their finances.  They are in danger of losing their place of rent, and the kids may go without Christmas.  The mother has MS, and is not able to work due to her illness. 

I personally know this family.  We are keeping their identity anonymous so not to embarrass them.  This is a good mom, who works and sacrifices as much as she can for her family.  Her kids are good, well behaved kids that do well in school.   Her son is 10 years old, and he loves sports.   Her daughter is 7 years old and she loves dance.

Winter Dreams Soap
These soaps are handmade Cold Process soaps.  That means they are very gentle for even sensitive skin.  These soaps are high quality and luxurious.  The lather is thick, rich  and creamy.  The Peppermint Sticks soap is smells like candy canes, and is scented with pure essential oils.  The Winter Dreams soap is a cozy winter fragrance, full of Christmas memories.  They would be great for pampering yourself, or as thoughtful gift for friends or family.  The soaps are listed on our website.  They are well marked so you will be sure to tell them from our regular line of soap.  Please go to our website, Sego Lily Soap to order either Peppermint Sticks soap, or Winter Dreams. 

Thank you!