Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Use for Log Molds

Yes, this is not soap related, but it does use my awesome soap molds!  These are the beautiful log molds my husband made for me this summer.  They are very handy, and get lots of use, since I make soap with them once or twice a week.  My stepson Drew found a new use for them that I would have never thought of.
This year my husband's family decided to draw names and do handmade gifts for each other.  Drew is a wiz in the kitchen.  He can cook and he can bake. So he decided to make his big brother a giant Kit Kat candy bar for Christmas.  He melted chocolate in a double boiler, and used my cleaned soap mold as the mold.  First he lined it with lots of freezer paper.

Drew and his dad, making giant chocolate bars in my soap mold.  

A few of us thought that Drew had an overabundance of chocolate bars.  That was clever planning on his part.  He wanted extra bars for Christmas gifts for his friends.

                                                                                    Notice the Kit Kat logo.  It was printed off and then traced onto one of my plastic cutting sheet.  He cut it out, and had the plastic logo shape on the bottom of the mold in the center.  It was so the giant bar would have the logo embossed in the top, just like a real candy bar.  It was a pretty cool touch.  And looked pretty impressive when the bar was unmolded.

The wafer cookies and chocolate were alternated till the mold was full, then a final layer of chocolate was put on top.

Drew made two of these huge bars, wrapped each in foil, and then packaged it in a red paper wrapper with the Kit Kat logo on top.
This is the finished product on Christmas day.  Drew had the two bars, side by side in a very realistic looking red paper wrapper.  I wish my picture did it justice.  But I was using a cell phone, since my camera got lost just before Christmas.  (Terrible timing.)  But it looked amazing!  

We were lucky enough to get half of the chocolate bars.  So now we have enough chocolate and cookie wafer to choke a horse.  So if anyone wants some, drop on by.  We've got enough for the whole neighborhood!


  1. What an awesome idea! It looks so realistic and the attention to detail is great!

  2. OM Goodness!!! OM Goodness!!! What a great idea. Wonderful!! Creative!! I wish I could stop by. How much fun and something you will always remember.

  3. That is amazing, what a great idea.