Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seeing Pink (Peppermint)

Have you ever seen so many beautiful pink soaps?  This was a special order for a Relief Society church group.  They are Peppermint Sticks soaps for Christmas!  It was very fun to make so many pretty little soaps.  In all it was about 3 of the largest batches I have ever made.  We graduated from making soap in a big pot, to making soap in a huge bucket.  The whole kitchen smelled like sweet peppermint.  

They make great building blocks for teens to make fortresses with.  
They are also handy for making portraits.

But usually, we keep them neatly in bins.  
I loved how they turned out with the customized labels.  And I liked how the swirls came out on these also.  The recipe we used is a favorite that turns out a smooth bar that produces lots of fluffy bubbles.  And of course they are super gentle for all skin types.  We made these at a very special price.  So if you know of a church group, or other non-profit group that could use some nice soaps as Christmas or Mother's Day gifts, give us a call.  We can make a few batches customized just for you!


  1. I have never made a batch this big! I love seeing all that soap in one pic! Too bad you couldn't get your name on the label or did you? You could have had Manufactured by Sego Lily for The North Canyon....

  2. Hi Tina, These big batches are a bit hard. But since it is scented with just peppermint essential oil, which is pretty well behaved, it is manageable. It was really fun to have so many of them in one place. Very satisfying. I gave the front label for their little message, the side of the soap for the kind of soap, and the back of the label did have our business name, the ingredients, and a website. So hopefully if some of them like it, they will know where to find more. :)

    Merry Christmas my friend!